Beam Structures

The module sets the focus on solving statically indeterminate beam structures using the slope-deflection method which is a special case of the displacement method and introduce the students to the geometrical nonlinear behavior of beam structures. This course forms the basis for advanced modules in the field of statics and dynamics.

The static software STAB2D can be used to check the hand calculation of stress resultants, displacements and rotations.

  • Slope-deflection method
  • System equation regarding to Mann
  • Special cases: Slopes, springs, temperature, inhomogeneous boundary conditions, symmetric and antisymmetric structural systems, elastic foundations
  • Influence lines for displacements and rotations
  • Influence lines for stresses and forces
  • Introduction to stability theory and the 2nd order theory of beams structures
  • Stability cases of beams regarding to Euler
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