an off-shore wind generator park an off-shore wind generator park an off-shore wind generator park an off-shore wind generator park © Nicholas Doherty / Unsplash
„Freude, Freude treibt die Räder in der großen Weltenuhr“
aus Schillers „Ode an die Freude“

Collaborative Research Center 1463 granted!


The German Research Association DFG is funding the Collaborative Research Center 1463 "Integrated Design and Operation Methods for Offshore Megastructures".


In the context of the approval of the SFB, new employees in research and administration are being sought. Please note that the application deadline has been extended for positions 105 and 106.

Ever since, load-carrying structures were required to be highly functional, cost efficient and environmentally compatible. Likewise, this applies to civil and mechanical engineering as well as to aerospace.

New composite materials, steady increase of computer performance and miniaturisation of sensors and electronics decisively influence the development trends for future load-carrying structures. Therefore, these structures will be multifunctional lightweight and durable.

The Institute of Structural Analysis at Leibniz Universität Hannover aims at these strategic objectives. Its research is focused on the areas of vibrations and composites.


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