Research Projects

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Collaborative Research Centre 1463, sub-project C04: Robust model updating of Digital Twins under consideration of uncertainties

Hübler, C.

1 Jan 202131 Dec 2024

Project: Research

URL: project website

TransWind: Transdisciplinary end-of-life analysis of wind turbines for the development of technically and economically optimal end-of-funding strategies

Rolfes, R., Breitner, M., Hübler, C. & Schmidt, F.

1 Nov 202031 Oct 2023

Project: Research

VIPile: Collaborative project: Influence of vibration parameters on the installation and load-bearing behaviour of monopiles

Rolfes, R., Schaumann, P., Hübler, C. & Wolniak, M. T.

1 Aug 202031 Jul 2024

Project: Research

IRPWIND: Integrated Research Programme on Wind Energy

Rolfes, R., Achmus, M., Hofmann, L., Schaumann, P., Hübler, C. & Schröder, K.

1 Mar 201428 Feb 2018

Project: Research

URL: project website (external link)