Composites Department
Entwicklung eines Sicherheitscockpits für Segelflugzeuge (CraCpit)

Main research topics in the Composites Department

© FBG / C. Bierwagen
© FBG / C. Bierwagen
© FBG / C. Bierwagen

The scientific activities in the Department Composites can be divided into the following two main research areas:

Material modeling and nanocomposites

A first theme  in this team concerns  the development of material laws and failure models for composites and their application  in the analysis of material  and joint failure of composite structures and layered structures.  A second  theme is the computer aided material development using atomistic simulation methods. Different scales and multiscale analysis are relevant aspects  in this team.

Stability, dynamics and fatigue

This team is concerned with the stability analysis and dynamic analysis  of slender  and thin-walled structures.  A second theme is the fatigue analysis  of composite structures. Important aspects in this team are probabilistic analysis and reduced order modeling.  


Development of a safety cockpit for gliders (CraCpit)

Leaders:  Prof. Dr-Ing habil. Raimund Rolfes
Team:  Oliver Dorn, M.Sc., Dr.-Ing. Sven Scheffler
Year:  2017
Sponsors:  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy – 20E1703D
Lifespan:  2018-2021