<prt>NUMERICAL</prt> <prt>MODELLING</prt> <prt>OF</prt> <prt>A</prt> <prt>BUBBLE</prt> <prt>CURTAIN</prt>


Kategorien Konferenzbeiträge
Jahr 2014
Autoren Tobias Bohne, Cristina Díaz-Cereceda, Jörg Rustemeier, Tanja Grießmann, Raimund Rolfes
Veröffentlicht in Buchtitel: Proceedings of the UA2014 2nd Underwater Acoustics Conference and Exhibition. Address: Rhodes, Greece. Seite(n): 209-214

The offshore wind energy plays an important role in the energy concept of theGerman Federal Government. The pile driving during the construction of the foundationcauses high sound pressure levels in the sea. This noise emission can be potentiallydangerous for the marine life, especially mammals. The application of different soundmitigation systems, for example big bubble curtains, promises a reduction of the pressurelevel. The lack of information about the physical effects makes it difficult to evaluate thesesystems and their potential for optimization.In this paper a method based on the wave equation for modelling a bubble curtain indetail is presented. First, the method is used to analyse a simple bubble curtain withequidistant bubbles of the same size. In the next step the interaction between two bubblesis considered.First results show that the bubble oscillation and the interaction between bubbles have tobe taken into account for the typical excitation wavelength associated to pile driving.

ISBN 978-618-80725-1-0