Buckling of <prt>Structures</prt>

Buckling of Structures

Kategorien Technische Berichte
Jahr 2010
Autoren Johann Arbocz, Chiara Bisagni, Adriano Calvi, Erasmo Carrera, Ralf Cuntze, Richard Degenhardt, Nunziatino Gualtieri, Herbert Haller, Nicola Impollonia, Marie Jacquesson, Eelco L. Jansen, Hans-Reinhard Meyer-Piening, Huba Oery, Andreas Rittweger, Raimund Rolfes, Günther Schullerer, Guy Turzo, Tanchum Weller, Jaap Wijker
Veröffentlicht in Institut: ESA Requirements and Standards Division.

This Handbook is one document of the series of ECSS Documents intented to be used as supporting material for ECSS Standards in space projects and applications. ECSS is a cooperative effort of the European Space Agency, national space agencies and European industry associations for the purpose of developing and maintaining common standards.This handbook has been prepared by the ECSS-E-HB-32-24A Working Group, reviewed by the ECSS Executive Secretariat and approved by the ECSS Technical Authority.