Basics of Statically Indeterminate Beam Structures

The module provides and teaches the principles of structural analysis with main focus on statically indeterminate beam structures. This course forms the basis for advanced modules in the field of statics and dynamics.

  • Modelling of structural systems using beam structures
  • Designing alternatives
  • Method for solving statically indeterminate beam structures
  • Flexibility method
  • Influence lines and bending deformations
  • Stress calculations due to temperature and inhomogeneous boundary conditions
  • Symmetric and antisymmetric structures
  • Space structures loaded by vertical forces
All course materials can be found here

The static software STAB2D can be used to check the hand calculation of stress resultants, displacements and rotations.

To analyse support grids the software SEBBES is a helpful tool to check the results of hand calculations.


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