Strength of <prt>Textile</prt> <prt>Composites</prt> - <prt>A</prt> <prt>Voxel</prt> <prt>Based</prt> <prt>Continuum</prt> <prt>Damage</prt> <prt>Mechanics</prt> <prt>Approach</prt>

Strength of Textile Composites - A Voxel Based Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach

Categories Proceedings
Year 2006
Authors Raimund Rolfes, Gerald Ernst, Daniel Hartung, Jan Teßmer
Published In Buchtitel: Computational Mechanics - Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems. Herausgeber: Springer. Editor: Soares, C. A. Mota and Martins, J. A. C. and Rodrigues, H. C. and Ambrosio, J. A. C.. Seite(n): 497-520
ISBN 10 1-4020-4978-1