Sensitivities to <prt>Geometrical</prt> and <prt>Loading</prt> <prt>Imperfections</prt> on <prt>Buckling</prt> of <prt>Composite</prt> <prt>Cylindrical</prt> <prt>Shells</prt>

Sensitivities to Geometrical and Loading Imperfections on Buckling of Composite Cylindrical Shells

Categories Proceedings
Year 2002
Authors Christian Hühne, Rolf Zimmermann, Raimund Rolfes, Bodo Geier
Published In Buchtitel: Proceedings European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Mechanical Testing, 11.-13. Dezember 2002. Address: Toulouse, France.

'Thin-walled shell structures prone to buckling are sensitive to imperfections. The influence of loading and geometrical imperfections on buckling loads of unstiffened composite cylindrical shells is investigated based on tests and computations. It is shown that their effect depends on laminate set-up. The results show that unification of imperfection sensitivity is allowed