Organisational structure of the ISD

Following the constant growth of the institute over the past years the organisational structure of ISD has been changed. The structure is effective as of  June16, 2020.

ISD is headed by Prof. Raimund Rolfes. Research projects are managed by two research units (RU), the "Vibrations Department", headed by Dr. Tanja Grießmann, and the "Composites Department", headed by Dr. Sven Scheffler. The RU Vibrations is composed of research groups on “Structural Health Monitoring & Acoustics” (headed by Dr. Grießmann and Tobias Bohne), and “Coupled Dynamic Systems” (headed by Christian Hente). The RU Composites is divided into research groups on “Material Modelling and Nanocomposites” (headed by Dr. Benedikt Daum and Dr. Behrouz Arash) and "Stuctures and Fatique“ (headed by Dr. Sven Scheffler and Christian Gerendt). The cross-sectional groups "Uncertainty " (Dr. Clemens Hübler) and "Machine Learning" (Dr. Nikolai Penner) are positioned between the two research units.

The group “Experiments and Measurements”, headed by Mr. Michael Treiber (measurements, expertise, and predictions for industry and authorities) and Dr. Sven Scheffler (experiments and measurement techniques for ISD’s research fields), is directly assigned to the institute’s head.

Mr. Tobias Bohne takes organisational responsibility for all "Teaching" activities of ISD.

Mrs. Andrea Minne is the contact person in „Office“. Mrs. Tanya Pinn is responsible for the financial controlling.