Sensing Solutions for Assessing and Monitoring Wind Turbines

Sensing Solutions for Assessing and Monitoring Wind Turbines

Kategorien Buchbeiträge
Jahr 2014
Autoren Raimund Rolfes, Stavroula Tsiapoki, Moritz W. Häckell
Veröffentlicht in Sensor Technologies for Civil Infrastructures, Herausgeber: Elsevier, Woodhead Publishing, Editor: Wang, Ming L. and Lynch, Jerome P., Amsterdam, Band: 56, Seiten: 565-604

This chapter focuses on structural health monitoring (SHM) for wind turbines. Repair and downtime costs can potentially be reduced with the continuous monitoring of structure and environment. Available SHM approaches for rotor blades and support structure are presented extensively, with a special focus on the sensor technology and the methods used. Important monitoring methods, such as modal-based methods, acoustic emission, and ultrasound wave propagation are presented. For monitoring of support structures, different foundation concepts are introduced with specific neuralgic spots. Subsequently, some of the global and local SHM approaches, as well as case studies are presented.

ISBN 9781782422440
DOI 10.1533/9781782422433.2.565
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