Modeling the inelastic deformation and fracture of polymer composites – <prt>Part</prt> <prt>II</prt>: <prt>Smeared</prt> crack model

Modeling the inelastic deformation and fracture of polymer composites – Part II: Smeared crack model

Kategorien Artikel in Fachzeitschriften
Jahr 2013
Autoren Pedro P. Camanho, Miguel A. Bessa, Giuseppe Catalanotti, Matthias Vogler, Raimund Rolfes
Veröffentlicht in Journal: Mechanics of Materials. Band: 59. Seite(n): 36-49

This paper describes and validates a new fully three-dimensional smeared crack model to predict the onset and propagation of ply failure mechanisms in polymer composites reinforced by unidirectional fibers. The failure criteria are used to predict not only the onset of the failure mechanisms but also the orientation of the fracture plane. This information is used in a smeared crack model for transverse cracking that imposes a linear softening relation between the traction acting on the fracture planes and the crack opening displacements. The longitudinal failure mechanisms are represented using bi-linear softening relations. The model is validated using off-axis compression tests performed in unidirectional specimens as well as using tensile tests in notched multidirectional laminates. A good correlation between experimental observations and numerical predictions is obtained.

DOI 10.1016/j.mechmat.2012.12.001