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R. Berger; T. Rogge; E. Jansen; R. Rolfes

Titel:Probabilistic vibration and lifetime analysis of regenerated turbomachinery blades
Stichworte:aeroengine;probabilistic analysis;structural analysis;starting dynamics;lifetime
Kategorie:Artikel in Fachzeitschriften
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Variances in turbomachinery blades caused by manufacturing, operation or regeneration can result in modified structural behavior. In this work, the scatter of geometrical and material properties of a turbine blade and its influence on structure performance is discussed. In particular, the vibration characteristics and the lifetime of a turbine blade are evaluated. Geometrical variances of the surface of the blades are described using the principal component analysis. The scatter in material properties is considered by 16 varying material parameters. Maximum vibration amplitudes and the number of load cycles the turbine blade can withstand are analyzed by finite element simulations incorporating probabilistic principles. The probabilistic simulations demonstrate that both geometrical and material variances have a significant influence on the scatter of vibration amplitude and lifetime. Dependencies are quantified and correlations between varied input parameters and the structural performance of the blade are detected.